New Patient Registration


We are registering new patients, please read the information below to register at one of our practices.

Please note it is vital that you select the appropriate practice as per the postcode listed or your registration request will be refused:

  • If registering at Stratford Health Centre, you MUST be living in E15 postcode
  • If registering at The Forest Practice, you MUST be living in E7 postcode

To register with our practices you MUST:  

  • Be residing within our catchment area
  • Complete the New Patient Registration Form Online
  • You must provide as much information as possible 
To register with Stratford Health Centre you must be living in the E15 post code area click here to register
To register with the Forest Practice you must be living in the E7 post code area click here to register


For registering children under 16:

We require their RED BOOK with details of immunisations which have been administered, after completing and submitting the online registration form, email a copy of the Redbook to:

For Stratford Health Centre:
For The Forest Practice:

On successful registration:

You will receive a phone call to confirm your registration within 3 working days. If you do not receive a phone call within 3 working days, please call us on: 

Stratford Health Centre: 0208 555 3936
The Forest Practice: 0203 474 6510 
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